Investigating Situated Frames in a Cognitive Science Portal: A Genre-based Approach

Potential Abstract:
This research article presents a novel study that explores the use of situated frames within a cognitive science portal, adopting a genre-based approach. Situated frames, defined as the mental constructs individuals employ to interpret and make sense of information, play a critical role in shaping learning experiences and outcomes. The cognitive science portal, a web-based platform designed to support learning and inquiry in the field of cognitive science, provides a unique context to investigate how situated frames impact learning processes.

Building on previous research that highlights the significance of genre in educational settings, this study examines how genre conventions within the cognitive science portal influence the construction and interpretation of situated frames. By analyzing the genre-specific features and rhetorical patterns in the portal, we aim to uncover the ways in which these features shape learners’ understanding and engagement with cognitive science concepts.

The research employs a mixed methods approach, combining qualitative and quantitative data collection methods. Firstly, a genre analysis of the cognitive science portal will be conducted, identifying key genre conventions and rhetorical patterns. This analysis will be complemented by interviews and focus groups with learners utilizing the portal, providing valuable insights into their experiences, perceptions, and the role of situated frames in their learning.

Through this research, we seek to contribute to both the fields of cognitive science and education by shedding light on the influence of situated frames in the context of a cognitive science portal. Understanding how genre conventions within the portal shape learners’ construction and interpretation of situated frames will inform the design and implementation of more effective online learning environments in cognitive science and related disciplines.

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