Postmodern Interpersonal Ungrading Regime: Exploring the Role of Blockchain Technology in Education

Potential Abstract: In the current era of education, the traditional grading system is often criticized for its lack of alignment with progressive pedagogical approaches and the diverse needs of students. This research paper delves into the concept of ungrading, which advocates for a more personalized and student-centered assessment system that moves away from traditional letter … Read more

Enhancing Service Learning Programs through Virtual Synthetic Collective Experiences

Potential Abstract: Virtual environments offer unique opportunities to enhance educational programs, including service learning initiatives. This study explores the integration of synthetic collective experiences into virtual service learning programs, aiming to foster deeper engagement, empathy, and critical thinking skills among participants. By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence technologies, participants are immersed in realistic scenarios where they … Read more

Unpacking Activity-Theoretic Constructs: A Centered Approach to Research Methods in Cryptocurrency Education

Potential Abstract: In recent years, the rise of cryptocurrency has presented a unique opportunity for educators to engage students in discussions on financial literacy, technology, and ethics. This research employs an activity-theoretic lens to investigate the underlying constructs that shape cryptocurrency education in formal academic settings. By centering our research method around activity theory, we … Read more

Understanding Mediated Variables in Open Data through Naive Mode of Address

Potential Abstract: This study investigates the impact of mediated variables within the context of open data education, focusing on the application of a naive mode of address. Drawing on theories of artificial intelligence and educational psychology, we examine how learners interact with and interpret open data sources when a naive mode of address is employed. … Read more

Leveraging Flexible Mindsets through Social Network Analysis: A Heideggerian Way of Knowing

Potential Abstract: This research study explores the intersection of flexible mindsets, social network analysis, and Heideggerian way of knowing in educational settings. Drawing on the theoretical framework of flexible mindsets, which emphasizes the importance of adaptability and openness to new ideas, the study employs social network analysis to examine how students’ social connections influence their … Read more

Fostering Anti-Racist Practices through Spheres of Learning: A Derridean Analysis of Conversations on GitHub

Potential Abstract: This research examines the potential of utilizing digital platforms, specifically GitHub, to cultivate anti-racist practices within educational spaces. Drawing on Derridean deconstruction as a theoretical framework, the study investigates how learning can be reimagined as interconnected spheres that intersect and interact through digital conversations. By analyzing the discourses and interactions on GitHub related … Read more

Understanding Learning Patterns in Education: A Descriptive Social Network Analysis Framework

Potential Abstract: Understanding how students learn and interact within educational settings is crucial for designing effective teaching strategies. Social network analysis provides a valuable lens through which to examine these learning patterns. This study applies a descriptive social network analysis framework to investigate the dynamics of student interactions and knowledge sharing in a Keynesian classroom … Read more

Unpacking Individualized Learning Frames: Leveraging ChatGPT in Postmodern Economics Education

Potential Abstract: Individualized learning has gained increased attention in education, with a focus on tailoring instruction to meet the unique needs of each learner. This study explores the intersection of individualized learning frames, the use of artificial intelligence in education, and postmodern economics pedagogy. Specifically, we investigate the potential of leveraging ChatGPT, a state-of-the-art language … Read more

Unpacking Adaptive Learning Analytics: Examining Uncontested Constructs and Transgressions

Potential Abstract: Adaptive learning analytics present a promising avenue for optimizing educational outcomes by tailoring instruction to individual learners. Despite the potential benefits, the field of adaptive learning is rife with contested constructs and unexplored transgressions. This study aims to unpack the complexities surrounding adaptive learning analytics by delving into the uncontestable constructs that underpin … Read more

Social Learning Objects in Commons-Based Peer Production: A Synthetic Milieu

Potential Abstract: This research article explores the intersection of social learning objects and commons-based peer production within a synthetic milieu. Drawing on theories from artificial intelligence and education, this study investigates how the collaborative creation of learning objects in a digital environment can enhance learning outcomes and foster a sense of community among participants. By … Read more