Examining the Impact of Naive Conversational Agents on Open Learning Objectives in the Era of NFTs

Potential Abstract: This study investigates the potential of naive conversational agents (NCAs) to support open learning objectives within the context of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). NCAs, also known as chatbots, have gained popularity in education as they can simulate human-like conversations and provide personalized guidance to learners. However, little is known about their effectiveness in facilitating open learning objectives, which emphasize critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity. This research aims to fill this gap by examining how NCAs can enhance open learning objectives in the emerging landscape of NFT-based educational resources.

Drawing upon a mixed-methods approach, this study will involve the participation of college students enrolled in an introductory computer science course. During the intervention phase, students will engage in a series of online learning activities that incorporate NFT-based resources and interact with an NCA designed to enhance their understanding and application of open learning objectives. The NCA will offer personalized guidance, answer questions, and engage students in meaningful conversations related to the course content.

Data collection will include pre- and post-intervention surveys to assess students’ attitudes towards open learning objectives, their self-efficacy in relation to NFTs, and their perceived usefulness of the NCA. Additionally, students’ interactions with the NCA will be logged and analyzed to gain insights into the nature and quality of the conversations. Qualitative data will be collected through semi-structured interviews to explore students’ perceptions of the NCA’s impact on their learning experiences and achievement of open learning objectives.

The findings of this study will contribute to the understanding of how NCAs can be leveraged to foster open learning objectives in educational contexts. The results will shed light on the potential benefits and challenges of implementing NCAs in conjunction with NFT-based resources. By identifying effective strategies and best practices, this research aims to inform educators, instructional designers, and policymakers in leveraging emerging technologies to promote open and creative learning environments.

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