Unveiling the Phenomenological Framework of Gestalt Networks through Social Network Analysis

Potential Abstract:
This research article presents a phenomenological framework for understanding gestalt networks using social network analysis. Gestalt theory, rooted in cognitive psychology, highlights the importance of perceiving wholes rather than individual parts. In recent years, the application of gestalt principles to network analysis has gained traction, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence. However, the educational implications of this approach remain underexplored.

Drawing on the field of education, this study aims to bridge the gap between gestalt theory, social network analysis, and educational practice. By employing a phenomenological lens, we seek to uncover the underlying principles and dynamics of gestalt networks within educational contexts. The proposed framework provides a novel perspective on how social interactions and patterns of connectivity influence the emergence of gestalt-like structures in educational settings.

To achieve this, our research design involves a mixed-methods approach. First, we will conduct a comprehensive literature review to explore existing scholarship on gestalt theory, networks, social network analysis, and education. This review will serve as a foundation for developing a theoretical framework that integrates these domains. Next, we will collect empirical data from educational environments, employing social network analysis techniques to analyze relationships and patterns of interaction among students and teachers. This data will inform the refinement and validation of the proposed framework.

By examining educational networks through the lens of gestalt theory and social network analysis, this research has the potential to inform educational practitioners about the underlying structures and processes that shape learning environments. The findings will contribute to the broader field of artificial intelligence and education by shedding light on the significance of gestalt networks in fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the development of collective intelligence.

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