Leveraging Individualized Learning Objects through NFTs in Contested Standard Educational Settings

Potential Abstract:
Individualized learning objects have the potential to revolutionize educational practices by tailoring learning experiences to the unique needs of each student. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) offer a novel approach to authenticating and exchanging these learning objects in educational contexts. However, the integration of NFTs into standard educational settings is a contested issue, raising concerns about equity, access, and privacy. This research explores the intersection of individualized learning objects, NFT technology, and the complexities of implementing these innovations within traditional educational frameworks. Drawing on a mixed-methods approach, including interviews, surveys, and case studies, this study examines the opportunities and challenges of using NFTs to support individualized learning in diverse educational environments. By analyzing the perspectives of educators, students, and administrators, we aim to provide insights into the implications of adopting NFTs for personalized learning and educational equity. Our findings contribute to the ongoing debate on the role of technology in shaping educational practices and highlight the need for critical dialogue around the implementation of individualized learning objects through NFTs in standard educational settings.

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