Unanswered Questions in Authentic Learning Environments: Leveraging Slack Channels and Distributed Hashing in Rural Schools

Potential Abstract: This study investigates the implementation of authentic learning environments in rural schools through the integration of Slack channels and distributed hashing technology. While there has been a growing interest in incorporating authentic learning experiences in educational settings, there remain unanswered questions regarding the effectiveness of such approaches, especially in rural contexts. This research explores the potential of leveraging digital tools such as Slack channels for communication and collaboration, along with distributed hashing for secure data management, to enhance authentic learning experiences for students in remote areas. By combining these technologies, educators can create dynamic and interactive learning environments that bridge the gap between traditional classroom instruction and real-world applications. The study employs a mixed-methods approach, including surveys, interviews, and classroom observations, to examine the impact of these innovative tools on student engagement, motivation, and learning outcomes. Findings from this research provide valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities of implementing authentic learning practices in rural schools, shedding light on the role of technology in supporting equitable and inclusive education for all students.

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