Investigating the Causal Relationship between Open Educational Resources and Stigmergic Textuality using the Interplanetary File System

Potential Abstract:
This research article explores the causal relationship between the utilization of open educational resources (OER) and the emergence of stigmergic textuality within an educational context. Stigmergic textuality refers to the collaborative creation of knowledge and learning artifacts through self-organizing, decentralized interactions facilitated by digital platforms. A key technological enabler for this study is the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), a distributed and decentralized protocol for storing and sharing content on the web.

The study employs a mixed-methods approach to investigate the impact of OER on stigmergic textuality. First, quantitative data will be collected through surveys and usage analytics to examine the extent of OER utilization within educational settings. This data will combine indicators such as frequency of OER adoption, student engagement, and collaborative interactions. Additionally, qualitative data will be gathered through interviews and observations to gain insights into the emergence and characteristics of stigmergic textuality. This will involve examining how learners collaboratively create and modify OER artifacts, as well as the nature of their interactions within virtual learning environments.

The research aims to contribute to the existing literature by shedding light on the potential of OER to foster stigmergic textuality, thus promoting collaborative knowledge creation and learning. Furthermore, this study will explore the role of the IPFS in facilitating distributed, seamless access to OER, allowing for the emergence of stigmergic textuality across multiple educational contexts.

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