Integrating Constructionist Approaches and GitHub for Text-based Learning: A Keynesian Perspective on Standard Education

Potential Abstract:
This study investigates the integration of constructionist pedagogy and the collaborative software development platform GitHub to enhance text-based learning in the context of standard education. Drawing on Keynesian educational theories, which emphasize active student engagement and the development of critical thinking skills, this research explores the potential of constructionist approaches in leveraging GitHub’s collaborative features to foster meaningful student interactions with texts.

The constructionist paradigm posits that learning is most effective when students actively construct knowledge through hands-on, experiential activities that allow them to explore, create, and reflect upon their own learning experiences. By applying this theoretical framework to text-based learning, this study aims to bridge the gap between traditional lecture-style instruction and more interactive, student-centered approaches.

GitHub, a widely-used software development platform, enables users to collaboratively work on projects, track changes, and provide feedback. Leveraging its features, students can engage in group discussions, contribute to shared repositories of text-based resources, and collaboratively annotate and revise written materials. This study explores how the combination of constructionist pedagogy and the affordances of GitHub can transform standard educational practices and enrich text-based learning experiences.

The research design involves a qualitative case study approach, focusing on a classroom setting within a high school English course. Data will be collected through classroom observations, semi-structured interviews with teachers and students, and analysis of student work in GitHub repositories. The study will analyze the nature of student engagements with text-based materials, the collaborative processes facilitated by GitHub, and the effects on student learning outcomes.

The findings of this research have significant implications for both educators and researchers. By integrating constructionist approaches and GitHub, educators can promote active engagement with texts, foster critical thinking skills, and encourage collaborative learning. This research contributes to the ongoing discourse on the potential of technology-enhanced pedagogies in transforming traditional educational practices.

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