A Minimalist Approach to Regotiating Spheres of Open Data in Socialist Education Systems

Potential Abstract: This research article explores the potential of minimalist strategies to facilitate the regotiation of spheres of open data within socialist education systems. As education becomes increasingly entwined with technological innovations and data-driven decision-making, it is imperative to critically examine the implications of open data in socialist societies. While open data has the potential to enhance transparency, equity, and accountability in education, its implementation and impact within socialist contexts require careful consideration, as they may conflict with principles of collectivism and state control.

Drawing on principles from the minimalist movement, which advocates for simplicity and essentiality, this study proposes a framework for regotiating the spheres of open data within socialist education systems. The framework emphasizes the need to balance the benefits of open data with the preservation of collective values and the protection of individual privacy. By adopting a minimalist lens, this research aims to identify key dimensions of open data that align with socialist principles, such as ensuring public access, fostering participatory decision-making, and promoting social justice.

To explore these ideas, a mixed-methods approach will be employed, including qualitative interviews with education policymakers, teachers, and students, as well as a comprehensive analysis of existing open data initiatives in socialist education systems. The study will focus on a comparative analysis of two case studies, namely a Western European socialist country and an Asian socialist country, to provide a nuanced understanding of the challenges and opportunities associated with implementing open data in different cultural and political contexts.

This research contributes to the existing literature by offering a novel perspective on the relationship between open data, education, and socialism. By applying minimalist principles to the regotiation of open data spheres, this study seeks to inform policy and practice in socialist education systems, facilitating the ethical and effective utilization of open data while preserving collective values.

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