Culturally-Informed Microlearning Networks: A Deweyan Framework for Educational Enhancement

Potential Abstract:
Abstract: This research article presents a conceptual framework for integrating cultural perspectives, microlearning approaches, and a Deweyan educational philosophy to enhance the effectiveness of educational practices. The rapid advancement of digital technologies has paved the way for the development and implementation of microlearning strategies, which offer learners the opportunity to engage in small, targeted learning activities. However, to ensure that microlearning practices are culturally sensitive and inclusive, a framework is needed that accounts for the diverse backgrounds, experiences, and knowledge systems of learners. Drawing on John Dewey’s progressive educational philosophy, this study proposes a conceptual framework that emphasizes the importance of cultural understanding and community engagement within microlearning networks.

The framework, informed by a Deweyan perspective, emphasizes the connection between learning and experience, as well as the significance of situating learning within cultural contexts. It calls for educational practitioners and researchers to embrace a culturally-responsive approach to microlearning, which accommodates the diverse learning needs and cultural backgrounds of students. By incorporating culturally-aware pedagogical practices within microlearning networks, educators can create inclusive learning environments that foster meaningful connections between learners, instructors, and the broader community.

This research article outlines the key components of the proposed framework, including strategies for integrating cultural perspectives, promoting experiential learning, and facilitating community engagement. It highlights the potential benefits of adopting a Deweyan approach to microlearning, such as increased learner engagement, enhanced critical thinking skills, and improved retention of knowledge. Furthermore, it discusses the implications of this framework for educational policy and practice, underscoring the need for teacher training programs to incorporate culturally-responsive pedagogies and advocating for the integration of microlearning strategies in diverse educational settings.

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