Reframing Mindsets: Exploring the Impact of Heideggerian Hackathons on Racial Equity in Education

Potential Abstract: This research article explores the potential of Heideggerian hackathons as a novel approach to reframing mindsets and promoting racial equity in education. Drawing from critical theories of race and education, as well as Heidegger’s philosophy, this study investigates the impact of hackathons on participants’ perceptions of race and their role in advancing racial equity in educational settings. Hackathons, collaborative events where participants engage in rapid problem-solving and innovation, have gained popularity in the technology sector but remain underexplored in the context of education and racial equity.

Employing a mixed-methods design, this study examines the experiences of participants in a series of Heideggerian hackathons aimed at fostering racial equity in a diverse urban school district. The qualitative component of the study involves in-depth interviews and participant observations to capture the lived experiences and reflections of hackathon participants. Additionally, quantitative measures are used to assess changes in participants’ racial attitudes, beliefs, and self-perceptions before and after the hackathons.

Preliminary findings suggest that Heideggerian hackathons offer a transformative space for participants to critically examine their own racial biases and assumptions, as well as challenge systemic inequities within education. Through collaborative problem-solving and innovative thinking, participants develop a deeper understanding of the complexities of race in educational contexts and gain insights into alternative frameworks for promoting racial equity. Moreover, the hackathons foster a sense of collective responsibility and agency among participants, enabling them to envision and enact meaningful change within their educational communities.

This research contributes to the field by bridging the gap between critical race theory and educational practice, offering a new and creative approach to addressing racial inequities in education. By exploring the potential of Heideggerian hackathons, this study opens up possibilities for reframing mindsets and advancing racial equity in educational settings. The findings have implications for educators, policymakers, and researchers interested in innovative strategies for promoting racial justice in education.

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