“Centered Texts and Metalogue in Constructionist Open Educational Practices”

Potential Abstract:
This research study explores the impact of constructionist, open educational practices on student learning through the use of centered texts and metalogue. Drawing upon principles of constructionism, which emphasize active engagement with learning materials and collaborative problem-solving, this study investigates how incorporating centered texts and engaging in metalogues can enhance student understanding and critical thinking skills. Centered texts, which present information in a non-linear, interactive format, have the potential to engage students in exploring complex concepts through self-directed inquiry. Metalogues, defined as structured dialogues that encourage reflective thinking and argumentation, provide opportunities for students to deepen their understanding through collaborative sense-making. This research employs a mixed-methods approach, combining qualitative analysis of student interactions with centered texts and metalogues, as well as quantitative assessments of student learning outcomes. The study aims to provide insights into the ways in which constructionist, open educational practices can be effectively implemented in educational settings to support student-centered learning and foster critical thinking skills.

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