Feminist Equation: Leveraging Large Language Models and Flexible Hypermedia in Education

Potential Abstract:
Recent advances in large language models have opened up new possibilities for flexible and personalized educational content delivery through hypermedia platforms. This study explores the integration of feminist pedagogical principles within the design and implementation of educational materials utilizing large language models and flexible hypermedia. By examining the potential of incorporating feminist perspectives in equation-solving tasks, this research seeks to enhance student engagement, critical thinking, and inclusivity in mathematics education.

Through a mixed-methods approach, data will be collected from a diverse group of students engaging with the flexible hypermedia platform that presents equation-solving tasks infused with feminist values. Qualitative analyses will focus on student perceptions of the content, interactions with the platform, and the impact of feminist influences on their learning experiences. Quantitative analyses will assess learning outcomes, including problem-solving skills, conceptual understanding, and self-efficacy in mathematics.

The results of this study aim to contribute to the growing body of literature on the intersection of feminist pedagogy, large language models, and flexible hypermedia in education. By highlighting the potential of integrating feminist perspectives in equation-solving tasks, this research provides insights into how technology-enhanced learning environments can promote equity, diversity, and social justice in education.

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