Unpacking Ethnocentric Discourses in Educational Technology: A Rhetorical Expansion through GitHub

Potential Abstract:
This study explores the presence of ethnocentric discourses within the realm of educational technology, with a particular focus on the GitHub platform. Drawing on theories of discourse analysis and rhetorical analysis, we investigate how ethnocentric discourses manifest in the discourse of educational technology projects hosted on GitHub. The study aims to shed light on the role of GitHub as a platform for fostering dialogue and collaboration among diverse stakeholders, and the ways in which ethnocentric discourses may inadvertently shape the development and dissemination of educational technology.

Through a qualitative content analysis, we examine a sample of educational technology projects available on GitHub, considering the language, narratives, and representations employed in project descriptions, issue discussions, and code comments. We apply a multimodal lens to analyze textual, visual, and symbolic elements, considering both explicit and implicit forms of ethnocentrism. Our analysis is guided by a sociocultural perspective, acknowledging the complex interplay between technology, culture, and education.

The findings of this study contribute to our understanding of the pervasive influence of ethnocentric discourses in educational technology. By unpacking these discourses, we can identify and challenge the subtle ways in which they shape the design, implementation, and use of educational technology tools. Furthermore, we aim to provide insights into how GitHub, as a collaborative platform, can be leveraged to foster more inclusive and culturally responsive practices in educational technology development.

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