Unpacking Multicultural Constructs through Learning Analytics: A Post-Imperial Framework

Potential Abstract: This research article presents a novel framework for analyzing multicultural constructs in education through the lens of learning analytics, with a particular focus on addressing post-imperial perspectives. Drawing on critical theories of education and the growing field of learning analytics, this study seeks to interrogate the ways in which cultural diversity and power dynamics intersect within educational settings. By applying a post-imperial framework, we aim to move beyond traditional Eurocentric perspectives and decenter dominant narratives in education research.

The framework proposed in this article integrates key concepts from multicultural education, critical pedagogy, and learning analytics to provide a more nuanced understanding of how diverse cultural backgrounds shape student learning experiences. Through the analysis of student data collected through learning analytics tools, we explore how cultural factors influence academic achievement, engagement, and socioemotional development. Additionally, we examine how power dynamics within educational institutions impact the accessibility and inclusivity of learning environments for students from marginalized communities.

By centering post-imperial perspectives in our analysis, this research contributes to ongoing conversations in educational research about equity, diversity, and social justice. We argue that a critical examination of multicultural constructs is essential for creating more inclusive and equitable educational practices that empower all students to succeed. Our findings have implications for educators, policymakers, and researchers seeking to promote cross-cultural understanding and address systemic inequalities in education.

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