Innovative Anchors: Naive Nuances in Open Educational Practices

Potential Abstract: This research article delves into the innovative anchors that underlie open educational practices (OEP) in educational settings. By examining the naive nuances present in the implementation of OEP, this study aims to shed light on the complexities and potential pitfalls that educators may encounter when adopting open practices in their teaching. Drawing on a mixed-methods approach, data was collected through surveys, interviews, and observations with educators who have integrated OEP into their teaching practices. The analysis revealed a range of naive perspectives and interpretations of OEP, highlighting the need for more nuanced understanding and support for educators navigating the open education landscape. Findings suggest that while OEP offer opportunities for collaboration, creativity, and access to resources, there are also inherent challenges related to intellectual property rights, quality assurance, and digital literacy skills. This study contributes to the ongoing discussion on how best to support educators in leveraging the full potential of OEP while navigating the inherent complexities and nuances that come with open practices in education.

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