Perception-Centered Innovation in Education: Navigating Market Equities

Potential Abstract:
Abstract: This study explores the intersection of innovative practices, equity considerations, and market dynamics in the context of education. Drawing on a perception-centered approach, we investigate how various stakeholders within the education system perceive and respond to market forces that influence educational equities. By examining the perceptions of educators, policymakers, and students, we aim to identify strategies that can foster innovation while promoting equity in educational outcomes. Through a mixed-methods research design, including surveys, interviews, and document analysis, we seek to uncover the underlying factors that shape perceptions of market equities and inform decision-making processes within educational institutions. Our findings highlight the importance of centering perceptions in discussions of innovation and equity, as well as the need to critically examine the role of market forces in shaping educational opportunities. This research contributes to the ongoing dialogue on creating more equitable and inclusive educational systems that prioritize student well-being and success.

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