Unpacking Multicultural Discourses through Open Educational Practices: Postcolonial Implications

Potential Abstract: This research article examines how multicultural discourses are enacted and negotiated within open educational practices in postcolonial contexts. Drawing on postcolonial theory, the study explores the implications of these discourses on educational equity, inclusivity, and power dynamics. Through a qualitative case study approach, data was collected from educators, students, and educational stakeholders in a diverse, postcolonial setting. Findings reveal the complex interplay of cultural, social, and historical factors shaping the implementation of open educational practices within a multicultural framework. The study highlights the importance of critically examining the underlying power structures embedded in educational discourses and practices, particularly in postcolonial contexts. It also underscores the need for educators to be reflexive and responsive to the diverse cultural backgrounds and perspectives of their students. The implications of these findings for educational policy, practice, and research are discussed, emphasizing the importance of fostering inclusive and equitable educational environments where multiple voices and perspectives are valued.

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