Unpacking Sociopolitical Way of Knowing Through Concept Maps and GitHub: A Hermeneutic Exploration

Potential Abstract:
In the realm of education, understanding and unpacking sociopolitical ways of knowing is crucial for fostering critical thinking and promoting social justice. This research study utilizes concept maps and GitHub as innovative tools to delve deep into the complexities of sociopolitical knowledge construction. Through a hermeneutic lens, this study aims to explore how students and educators perceive, interpret, and communicate sociopolitical knowledge within the educational context. By integrating concept maps as visual representations of thought processes and GitHub as a collaborative platform for sharing and revising knowledge artifacts, this study offers a unique approach to studying sociopolitical ways of knowing.

The research methodology involves engaging participants in concept mapping exercises to visually capture their conceptions of sociopolitical knowledge. These concept maps are then shared and further developed on GitHub, allowing for collaborative sensemaking and knowledge co-creation. Through a series of iterative cycles of data collection and analysis, this study seeks to uncover the intricate connections and tensions within sociopolitical ways of knowing, shedding light on the diverse perspectives and experiences that shape our understanding of social realities.

By employing a hermeneutic approach, this research study aims to uncover the underlying meanings and interpretations embedded within sociopolitical knowledge constructions, emphasizing the importance of context and dialogue in shaping our epistemological frameworks. The findings of this study hold implications for curriculum design, pedagogical practices, and educational policy, providing insights into how educators can better support students in developing critical consciousness and engaging in transformative learning experiences.

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