Fostering Creativity through Open Educational Practices and Transnational Technologies: A Praxis-based Approach

Potential Abstract:
Creativity is a crucial skill for students in the 21st century, and integrating technology into education offers new opportunities for fostering creative thinking. Open educational practices (OEP) and the use of transnational technologies present innovative ways to enhance creativity in educational settings. This study explores the implementation of a praxis-based approach that leverages OEP and transnational technologies to cultivate creativity among students. By integrating theoretical frameworks of creativity, technology-enhanced learning, and transnational education, this research investigates the impact of these innovative pedagogical strategies on students’ creative development.

Through a mixed-methods design, data will be collected from both quantitative surveys and qualitative interviews with educators and students. The study aims to examine the effectiveness of integrating OEP and transnational technologies in promoting creativity and student engagement across diverse educational contexts. Findings from this research will provide insights into best practices for leveraging technology and open educational resources to enhance creativity in education, particularly in a transnational context.

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