Exploring the Remedial Constructs of Levinasian Representation through Open Science

Potential Abstract: This research article delves into the intricacies of remedial constructs within the realm of Levinasian representation in education, utilizing an open science approach. Drawing upon the philosophical insights of Emmanuel Levinas, known for his emphasis on ethics and responsibility in human interactions, this study seeks to investigate how the principles of Levinasian thought can inform and enrich educational practices, particularly in remedial education settings. By employing open science methodologies that promote transparency, collaboration, and reproducibility, we aim to shed light on the potential benefits of integrating Levinasian ethics into educational frameworks focused on remediation. Through a multi-faceted analysis that combines theoretical exploration with empirical evidence, this study contributes to the growing discourse on ethics and pedagogy, offering insights into how Levinasian concepts of the Other, responsibility, and encounter can be applied to educational contexts to enhance learning outcomes for students in need of remedial support.

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