Framing Democratic Economics: Exploring Behavioral Economics through a Feminist Lens

Potential Abstract:
This research article delves into the intersection of behavioral economics and feminist perspectives within the realm of democratic economics. The study seeks to uncover how different frames and narratives within behavioral economics can either reinforce or challenge traditional economic structures and power dynamics, particularly through a feminist lens. By analyzing how various behavioral economic theories and interventions are situated within broader societal contexts, this research aims to illuminate the potential for democratizing economic systems and promoting gender equity. Drawing on insights from both the fields of education and artificial intelligence, this interdisciplinary study offers a critical examination of the underlying assumptions and implications of applying behavioral economics in educational settings, with a focus on promoting inclusive and equitable economic practices. Through a series of case studies and theoretical analyses, this article demonstrates the importance of considering diverse perspectives and power dynamics in economic decision-making processes, highlighting the potential for transformative change within educational and societal contexts.

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