Leveraging Operant Learning and Eigenvectors in Virtual Reality Conversations: A Creative Commons Approach

Potential Abstract: This research explores the integration of operant learning principles and eigenvectors in virtual reality (VR) educational environments to enhance conversational skills among learners. By leveraging Creative Commons resources, this study aims to investigate the effectiveness of incorporating behavioral reinforcement techniques and mathematical representations in VR simulations to promote more engaging and interactive conversations. The study will involve designing and implementing a series of VR scenarios where learners engage in conversations with virtual avatars, while their interactions are analyzed based on operant conditioning principles and eigenvector calculations. By utilizing Creative Commons materials, the study seeks to foster a collaborative and open approach to educational content creation and distribution within VR platforms. The findings from this research have the potential to contribute to the development of innovative instructional strategies that can be applied in diverse educational settings to enhance communication skills and foster deeper engagement among learners.

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