Leveraging Indigenous Knowledge on GitHub for Transformative Equities Inference in Education

Potential Abstract:
Indigenous knowledge systems have long been marginalized within traditional educational settings, contributing to inequities in educational outcomes for Indigenous students. This research explores the potential of utilizing GitHub, a collaborative platform for coding and data analysis, as a means to incorporate Indigenous perspectives and knowledge into the field of education. By leveraging GitHub for transformative equities inference, we aim to empower Indigenous students and communities by centering their ways of knowing and learning in educational practices. Through a participatory action research approach, this study engages with Indigenous educators and community members to co-create data analysis tools and models that reflect their cultural values and priorities.

By integrating Indigenous knowledge on GitHub, this research seeks to challenge dominant narratives and methodologies in education research, which often exclude or misrepresent Indigenous perspectives. Through the development of culturally responsive algorithms and data visualization techniques, we aim to promote more equitable and inclusive educational practices that honor the diversity of knowledge systems present in our society. This study contributes to the growing body of literature on decolonizing education and highlights the importance of technology in supporting Indigenous resurgence and self-determination.

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