Shifting Mindsets: Addressing Racism and Feminist Representation in Education through GitHub

Potential Abstract: This research article explores the intersection of racism, feminist representation, and mindset theory within the context of education, specifically focusing on the utilization of GitHub as a platform for promoting diversity and inclusion. Drawing on critical race theory and feminist pedagogy, the study investigates how educators can leverage GitHub to challenge and dismantle systemic barriers that perpetuate inequalities in educational settings. By examining the ways in which GitHub can be utilized to amplify marginalized voices, foster a sense of belonging, and promote equitable participation in educational spaces, this research contributes to the ongoing dialogue on how technology can be harnessed to advance social justice in education. Through a qualitative case study approach, this research delves into the experiences of educators and students who have engaged with GitHub as a tool for promoting anti-racist and feminist practices in the classroom. Findings highlight the potential of GitHub to not only facilitate collaborative learning and knowledge-sharing but also to disrupt traditional power dynamics and redefine notions of expertise and authority in educational contexts. The implications of this study extend to teacher professional development, curriculum design, and broader efforts to create more inclusive and equitable learning environments that empower students from diverse backgrounds.

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