Unpacking Situationality: Operant Epistemologies in Service Learning through a Deconstructionist Lens

Potential Abstract: This study delves into the complex interplay of operant epistemologies within the context of service learning, utilizing a deconstructionist framework to analyze the situationality of knowledge construction. Drawing on both AI and educational perspectives, we investigate how students’ epistemological beliefs are shaped and transformed through engagement in service learning activities. We argue that the traditional dichotomies of knowledge acquisition and application are insufficient in capturing the dynamic, context-dependent nature of learning in real-world settings. Through qualitative analysis of student reflections and project outcomes, we identify the ways in which operant epistemologies play out in service learning experiences, shedding light on the diverse ways in which individuals make sense of and interact with knowledge in situated contexts. Our findings challenge existing assumptions about knowledge transmission and reception in educational settings, highlighting the need for a more nuanced understanding of the epistemological processes at play.

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