Data Science Participation in Postindustrial Education: Constructivist Transgressions in the Digital Era

Potential Abstract:
Abstract: In the postindustrial era, education is increasingly influenced by data science, presenting new opportunities and challenges for educational practices. This study explores the role of constructivist pedagogy in promoting student participation and engagement within the digital landscape. Drawing on the theoretical framework of critical constructivism, we investigate how educators can leverage data science tools and technologies to facilitate meaningful learning experiences that encourage student transgressions of traditional educational norms. By examining the intersection of constructivist principles, participation, data science, and postindustrial education, this research seeks to uncover innovative approaches for fostering student agency and critical thinking skills in the digital age. Through a mixed-methods research design, including qualitative interviews with educators and quantitative analysis of student learning outcomes, we aim to provide empirical evidence on the effectiveness of incorporating data science into constructivist teaching practices. The findings from this study have implications for educational policy and practice, advocating for a more inclusive and student-centered approach to education that embraces the complexities of the digital world.

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