Unveiling the Politics of Open Education through Cognitive Biases and Stigmergic Collective Learning

Potential Abstract:
The field of open education is inherently intertwined with political dynamics, influenced by cognitive biases and facilitated through stigmergic collective learning processes. This research delves into the intricate interplay between open educational practices, political ideologies, cognitive biases, and stigmergic systems in educational settings. Drawing on theories from artificial intelligence and education, we investigate how individuals’ cognitive biases shape their perceptions of open educational resources, online platforms, and collaborative learning environments. Furthermore, we explore the role of stigmergy in fostering collaboration and knowledge construction within open education communities. By examining the intersection of politics, cognitive biases, and stigmergic collective learning in open education, this study seeks to enhance our understanding of how these factors influence the dissemination, adoption, and impact of open educational initiatives.

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