Unveiling Nuanced Perspectives in Multivoiced Creative Learning Environments: Leveraging Slack Channels in the Metaverse

Potential Abstract:
In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, fostering creativity and multiple perspectives among learners is essential. This study explores the intersection of creative learning environments, multivoiced discourse, and emerging technologies such as Slack channels within the metaverse. By leveraging these digital platforms, we aim to unravel the complex dynamics of collaborative creativity and nuanced understanding in educational settings. Drawing on theories of multivocality and socio-cultural perspectives, we investigate how diverse voices interact and co-create knowledge in virtual spaces.

Through a mixed-methods approach, we analyze the interactions within Slack channels to uncover hidden patterns of collaboration, information sharing, and sense-making among learners. By capturing the nuances of communication and knowledge construction, we provide insights into the potential of digital tools to enhance creativity and deepen understanding in educational contexts. Moreover, we examine the role of facilitators in guiding and scaffolding multivoiced discussions to ensure productive and meaningful exchanges.

This research contributes to the growing body of literature on technology-enhanced learning environments by highlighting the importance of embracing diverse perspectives and fostering creativity through digital platforms. By exploring the affordances of Slack channels in the metaverse, we offer practical implications for educators, instructional designers, and policymakers seeking to promote collaborative and reflective learning practices in the digital age.

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