Unraveling Stories in Gamefied MOOCs: A Deconstructionist Approach using Interplanetary File System

Potential Abstract:
In this study, we explore the intersection of gamefied learning, storytelling, the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), and deconstructionist theory within Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Gamefied education has gained popularity for its ability to engage learners through game-like elements, while storytelling has been recognized as a powerful tool for conveying complex information and fostering emotional connections. The use of IPFS, a decentralized and immutable storage system, offers new possibilities for securely storing and sharing educational content. Drawing on deconstructionist theory, which calls for questioning and challenging established structures and meanings, we investigate how these elements can be integrated to enhance the learning experience in MOOCs.

Through a qualitative analysis of student perceptions and learning outcomes in a gamefied MOOC utilizing IPFS and storytelling techniques, we aim to uncover the underlying mechanisms that contribute to effective educational experiences. Our findings shed light on how the combination of gamefied elements, storytelling, and the decentralized nature of IPFS can facilitate deeper engagement, collaboration, and critical thinking among learners. Moreover, our study highlights the importance of constantly questioning and reconstructing educational norms and practices through a deconstructionist lens.

This research has implications for educators, instructional designers, and policy makers looking to enhance the effectiveness of online learning environments. By understanding the potential of gamefied storytelling in conjunction with emerging technologies like IPFS, we can reimagine the future of MOOCs and create more interactive and personalized learning experiences for a diverse range of learners.

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