Unveiling Adaptive Objectives: The Intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Derridean Science in Education

Potential Abstract:
This research article delves into the intricate connections between adaptive objectives, artificial intelligence, and Derridean science within the realm of education. By examining the evolving landscape of education through the lens of these interconnected concepts, this study aims to shed light on the potential implications for instructional design, student learning experiences, and educational policy. The utilization of artificial intelligence in educational settings has enabled the development of adaptive learning systems that tailor instruction to meet the unique needs of individual learners. However, the integration of Derridean principles, which emphasize deconstruction and critique of underlying assumptions, offers a nuanced perspective on the underlying power dynamics and implications of such adaptive systems. Drawing on theoretical frameworks from artificial intelligence, educational technology, and critical theory, this research endeavors to explore how the convergence of adaptive objectives and Derridean science can inform pedagogical practices and educational equity. By engaging in a multidisciplinary analysis, this study seeks to contribute to the ongoing discourse on the ethical considerations, social implications, and transformative potential of utilizing artificial intelligence in educational contexts.

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