Harnessing Learning Analytics for Flexible Pedagogy: Transformative Approaches to Addressing Prejudices through Transgressive Learning

Potential Abstract: In an era where data-driven decision-making is becoming increasingly prevalent in education, the integration of learning analytics holds significant promise for enhancing teaching and learning processes. This research study explores the intersection of flexible pedagogy, prejudices, and transformative learning practices through the lens of transgressive learning. By leveraging learning analytics tools and techniques, educators can gain valuable insights into student behaviors, preferences, and performance, ultimately enabling them to tailor instructional strategies to meet the diverse needs of learners. Additionally, the use of learning analytics can help identify and address unconscious biases and prejudices that may impact the educational experiences of students from marginalized backgrounds. Through a series of case studies and qualitative analyses, this study examines how educators can leverage learning analytics to promote inclusivity, challenge traditional norms, and foster transformative learning experiences that empower students to critically engage with societal issues. By adopting a transgressive approach to learning, educators can create a space for students to interrogate and challenge existing social norms and prejudices, leading to more equitable and socially just educational environments. The findings of this study contribute to the growing body of literature on the intersection of technology, pedagogy, and social justice in education.

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