Understanding the Impact of Democratic Education on Prejudices: A Blockchain Approach for Keynesian Expansion

Potential Abstract:
This research article investigates the influence of democratic education on prejudices within the context of Keynesian expansion. By leveraging the potential of blockchain technology, this study aims to shed light on the transformative power of democratic education in addressing and mitigating biases and prejudices among learners. Democratic education, which emphasizes equity, inclusion, and active participation, has the potential to challenge and dismantle existing prejudices within educational ecosystems. This research explores the role of blockchain as a tool for fostering transparency, accountability, and trust in educational contexts, enabling the creation of decentralized and democratic learning environments.

Through a comprehensive literature review, this study examines existing theoretical and empirical works that explore the relationships among democratic education, prejudices, and blockchain technology. By synthesizing scholarly insights, this research will contribute to the current knowledge base and offer new perspectives on how the integration of blockchain technology within democratic educational settings can support Keynesian expansion.

Potential References: