Unveiling the Praxis of Authenticity: Exploring the Potential of Large Language Models and Chat Bots through a Poststructural Lens

Potential Abstract:
Abstract: In recent years, the emergence of large language models and chat bots has sparked significant interest in the field of education. These technological advancements offer new possibilities for supporting learning, engagement, and communication in various educational contexts. However, the potential of these tools remains largely unexplored in terms of their alignment with pedagogical theories and practices that prioritize authenticity and a poststructural understanding of knowledge and power.

This research article aims to investigate the praxis of authenticity in the context of large language models and chat bots within educational settings. Drawing on poststructural theories, which challenge dominant discourses and power structures, we examine the affordances and limitations of these technologies in promoting authentic learning experiences. By interrogating the ways in which large language models and chat bots reproduce, disrupt, or transform power relations, we aim to contribute to a critical understanding of their impact on educational practices.

Through a comprehensive literature review, we analyze existing research on the use of large language models and chat bots in education, focusing on their potential to foster authentic learning environments. We explore the ways in which these technologies engage learners in meaningful interactions, facilitate personalized and contextualized learning experiences, and support the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Additionally, we examine the ethical considerations associated with the use of these technologies, particularly in relation to privacy, data security, and algorithmic biases.

By highlighting the intersections between authenticity, poststructural theory, and technology-mediated learning, this research article seeks to bridge the gap between theory and practice. We propose recommendations for educators and policymakers to leverage the potential of large language models and chat bots while being mindful of the inherent challenges and ethical dilemmas they present. Our findings contribute to the ongoing discourse on how educational technology can align with pedagogical values and empower learners in authentic and transformative ways.

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