Examining Ethnocentric Discourses in Education: Rhetorical Schema and the Role of NFTs

Potential Abstract: This study investigates the presence and influence of ethnocentric discourses in educational contexts, with a particular focus on the role of rhetorical schema and the potential mitigating effects of NFTs (non-fungible tokens). Ethnocentric discourses, defined as biased and culturally narrow perspectives that privilege one group over others, can perpetuate inequalities and hinder inclusive education. By analyzing the rhetorical schema embedded within these discourses, we aim to understand the underlying mechanisms that sustain and reinforce them. Additionally, we explore the potential of NFTs as an intervention tool to disrupt and challenge ethnocentric discourses.

Drawing on critical discourse analysis and educational psychology frameworks, this study employs a mixed-methods research design. Quantitative data will be collected through surveys and interviews to gauge the prevalence and impact of ethnocentric discourses in educational settings. Concurrently, qualitative data will be gathered through focused group discussions and document analysis to examine the rhetorical schema employed in these discourses. By triangulating these diverse data sources, we aim to generate a comprehensive understanding of the complex interplay between ethnocentric discourses, rhetorical schema, and their impact on educational practices.

Moreover, this study investigates the potential of NFTs as an innovative intervention tool. NFTs have gained prominence in the digital art world for their unique ability to establish ownership and authenticity. Leveraging this technology, we explore how NFTs can be used to disrupt ethnocentric discourses by promoting diverse perspectives, amplifying marginalized voices, and challenging dominant narratives. By integrating NFTs into educational materials and platforms, we seek to cultivate inclusive educational environments that foster critical thinking, empathy, and cultural understanding.

This research contributes to the literature by addressing a significant gap in our understanding of the role of rhetorical schema in perpetuating ethnocentric discourses within education. Additionally, by exploring the potential of NFTs as a novel intervention tool, we offer innovative strategies to disrupt and challenge these discourses. The findings of this study will inform educational policymakers, curriculum designers, and practitioners in their efforts to create more inclusive and equitable educational systems.

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