Unpacking the Implications of Open Educational Resources for Indigenous Education: A Postcolonial Data Science Perspective

Potential Abstract: Abstract: The rapid expansion of open educational resources (OER) has the potential to revolutionize educational access and opportunities for marginalized communities, including Indigenous populations. This research article examines the implications of OER implementation in Indigenous education through a postcolonial lens, utilizing data science methodologies. By exploring the intersection of OER, Indigenous knowledge systems, … Read more

Ungrading in Education: A Minimalist Approach to Data Science and Heideggerian Regimes

Potential Abstract: This research article explores the potential of a minimalist approach to ungrading in education by integrating principles of data science and Heideggerian regimes. Ungrading is a pedagogical movement that challenges traditional grading practices and emphasizes student autonomy and intrinsic motivation. While ungrading has gained attention in recent years, there is a need to … Read more

Fostering Democratic Learning through Transnational Conversations on GitHub

Potential Abstract: This research article explores the potential of using GitHub as a platform to foster democratic learning in a transnational context. GitHub, a web-based hosting service for version control of code repositories, has gained significant attention in the fields of computer science and software development. However, its potential for educational purposes, particularly in the … Read more

Examining the Contested Role of Connectionist Slack Channels in Promoting Innovative Education: A Creative Commons Approach

Potential Abstract: This research article investigates the role of connectionist Slack channels as a platform for promoting innovative educational practices in a digital era. Specifically, it explores how the use of Creative Commons licenses in such channels impacts collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the development of educational resources in a contested landscape. With the advent of … Read more