Multivoiced Objectives in Complex Microlearning Environments: A Standard-based Approach

Potential Abstract: This research article investigates the implementation of multivoiced objectives in complex microlearning environments, using a standard-based approach. With the advent of technology and the growing demand for personalized and adaptive learning experiences, microlearning has emerged as a promising pedagogical strategy. However, there is a lack of research on the integration of diverse stakeholders’ perspectives into the design and implementation of microlearning objectives.

This study aims to address this gap by proposing a multivoiced approach to setting objectives in complex microlearning environments. Drawing on the principles of social constructivism, this approach acknowledges multiple perspectives and voices, including those of learners, educators, and industry experts, in the process of defining learning goals. By involving diverse stakeholders, the objective-setting process becomes more inclusive, contextualized, and relevant to the learners’ needs and aspirations.

In this research, we will employ a mixed-method design to explore the implementation of multivoiced objectives in two different complex microlearning environments. The study will involve the participation of learners, educators, and industry professionals, who will collaborate to identify and define learning objectives based on established standards. These standards, such as those provided by curriculum frameworks or industry accreditation bodies, ensure that the learning goals are aligned with broader educational and professional expectations.

Data collection will include surveys, interviews, and observations, allowing for a comprehensive analysis of the multivoiced objective-setting process. Quantitative data will be analyzed using descriptive statistics, while qualitative data will be subjected to thematic analysis. The findings will provide insights into the effectiveness of the multivoiced approach in fostering learner engagement, motivation, and achievement in complex microlearning environments.

This research contributes to the field of education by providing a theoretical framework and practical guidelines for incorporating multivoiced objectives into microlearning practices. By giving voice to various stakeholders, the study aims to enhance the relevance and authenticity of learning experiences, thus promoting a more inclusive and learner-centered approach.

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