Implications of Techno-Social Learnings in the Metaverse: A Transformative Perspective

Potential Abstract: This research article explores the transformative implications of techno-social learnings in the emerging concept of the metaverse within the field of education. As technology continues to evolve and reshape educational landscapes, it is essential to understand how the integration of technology and social interactions in virtual spaces can influence teaching and learning practices. The metaverse, an immersive digital environment where users can interact and engage with both real and virtual elements, presents unique opportunities and challenges for education.

This study employs a qualitative research approach to investigate the potential of the metaverse as a transformative learning environment. Drawing on theoretical frameworks from the fields of artificial intelligence and education, the research examines how the convergence of technology, social interactions, and learning experiences can shape educational practices and outcomes. By analyzing the experiences and perspectives of educators, learners, and stakeholders, this research seeks to identify the affordances, limitations, and pedagogical implications of the metaverse in educational settings.

The findings of this study contribute to the existing literature on technology-enhanced learning and provide insights into the potential of the metaverse for fostering innovative educational practices. The study also highlights the importance of considering the socio-cultural and pedagogical dimensions when integrating technology into educational contexts. Moreover, the research addresses the need for educators to adapt their instructional approaches and embrace new learning opportunities offered by the metaverse.

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