Leveraging Techno-Social Chat Bots and Interplanetary File System for Naive Genre Acquisition in Education

Potential Abstract:
This study investigates the potential of techno-social chat bots, powered by the Interplanetary File System (IPFS), to facilitate the acquisition of naive genre knowledge in educational settings. Naive genre refers to the limited understanding of genre conventions and expectations that novices possess. While developing genre awareness is crucial for effective communication, traditional educational methods often fail to adequately address this aspect. Leveraging the power of AI-driven chat bots that have access to a vast repository of genre-specific texts stored on IPFS, we explore how these technological tools can be harnessed to support learners’ genre acquisition.

This research employs a mixed-methods approach involving both qualitative and quantitative data collection. Firstly, a pre-test/post-test design will be utilized to assess the impact of the techno-social chat bot intervention on learners’ genre knowledge. Secondly, interviews and surveys will be conducted to gain insights into learners’ perceptions, attitudes, and experiences regarding the use of chat bots for genre acquisition. Additionally, textual analysis of the chat bot interactions will provide valuable insights into the nature and quality of genre-related guidance provided to learners.

The study will be conducted with a sample of undergraduate students enrolled in an introductory writing course. The participants will be randomly assigned to either an experimental group that receives genre instruction through the chat bot or a control group that receives traditional instruction. The effectiveness of the intervention will be evaluated by comparing the pre-test and post-test scores of the two groups. Furthermore, qualitative data will provide a deeper understanding of the learners’ experiences and perceptions in both groups.

This research aims to contribute to educational practice by offering a novel and technologically-driven approach to support naive genre acquisition. By integrating AI-powered chat bots and IPFS, educators can provide learners with personalized and accessible genre guidance, enhancing their understanding of genre conventions and expectations. The findings of this study will inform the design and implementation of future educational interventions that leverage AI and emerging technologies to promote effective communication skills.

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