Transnational Positionality in Experiential Infrastructures: Exploring Metaverse Spaces

Potential Abstract:
This research article explores the concept of transnational positionality within experiential infrastructures in the context of metaverse spaces. Drawing on critical theories of education and technology, we examine how individuals navigate their identities and perspectives across physical and virtual borders. By incorporating a transnational lens, we aim to shed light on the ways in which power dynamics, cultural influences, and socio-political contexts shape individuals’ experiences within the metaverse. Through a mixed-methods approach including interviews, observations, and virtual ethnography, we analyze the interactions between users, avatars, and digital environments to uncover the complexities of transnational positionality in the digital realm. Our findings contribute to the growing field of educational research on digital technologies and highlight the importance of recognizing diverse perspectives and lived experiences in shaping educational practices within virtual environments.

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