Situationality in Constructionist Technologies: Microlearning and Marxist Perspectives

Potential Abstract:
This research article delves into the intersection of constructionist technologies, microlearning, and Marxist perspectives within educational settings. Drawing on the concept of situationality, the study investigates how learners engage with digital tools and platforms to construct knowledge in short, targeted learning experiences. The theoretical framework is grounded in constructionist learning theories, which emphasize hands-on, experiential learning through the creation of tangible artifacts. By incorporating Marxist perspectives, the research aims to uncover power dynamics, inequality, and exploitation that may shape the use of technologies in educational contexts.

The study employs a mixed-methods approach, including qualitative interviews with educators and students, as well as quantitative data analysis of learners’ interactions with constructionist technologies. Through an in-depth exploration of case studies in both formal and informal learning environments, the research seeks to illuminate the complexities of microlearning practices within a Marxist critique of educational systems.

Overall, this article contributes to the ongoing dialogue on how constructionist technologies can be leveraged for equitable and empowering educational experiences, while also critically examining the potential limitations and challenges posed by capitalist structures within educational contexts.

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