Interpersonal Dynamics in Second-Order Cybernetics: A Derridean Perspective on Blockchain Equation

Potential Abstract: This research article delves into the intricate web of interpersonal dynamics within the realm of second-order cybernetics, through the lens of Derridean philosophy and the application of blockchain technology. Drawing on the theoretical framework of second-order cybernetics, which emphasizes the recursive relationship between an observer and the observed system, this study explores how these dynamics manifest in educational contexts. By incorporating Derridean deconstruction, the research aims to unravel the complexities of power, knowledge, and representation that underpin these interpersonal interactions. Furthermore, the integration of blockchain technology provides a novel means of tracing and verifying the authenticity of these dynamic relationships, offering new insights into the ways in which trust and transparency can be established in educational settings. Through the formulation of a blockchain equation, this study seeks to provide a computational model for understanding and optimizing these interpersonal dynamics. By challenging traditional notions of authority and control, this research opens up new possibilities for fostering collaboration, reflexivity, and ethical engagement within educational environments.

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