Unanswered Questions in Race and AI Education: Exploring the Role of Chat Bots in MOOCs Utilizing Generative AI

Potential Abstract:
This research article investigates the intersection of race, artificial intelligence, and education through the lens of chat bots in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) using generative AI technology. Despite the growing presence of AI technologies in educational settings, there remains a paucity of research on how these technologies impact the experiences of racially diverse students. This study aims to address this gap by examining how chat bots, powered by generative AI, can either reinforce or challenge existing racial biases within online learning environments.

Utilizing a mixed methods approach, this study will analyze interactions between students and chat bots in a MOOC setting, focusing on the types of responses generated by the chat bots in relation to race-related queries or discussions. Qualitative analysis will be employed to identify recurring themes and patterns in the responses, while quantitative analysis will measure the frequency and sentiment of responses related to race.

The findings of this study have the potential to shed light on the ways in which AI technologies, specifically chat bots utilizing generative AI, can influence racial dynamics in online education. By uncovering the nuances of these interactions, educators and developers can better understand how to design AI systems that promote inclusivity and equity in educational settings.

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