Unpacking Ethnocentric Epistemologies: Leveraging GitHub for Poststructural Positionality in Education

Potential Abstract: This study delves into the complexities of ethnocentric epistemologies within the educational context, aiming to explore the potential of leveraging GitHub as a platform to enable poststructural positionality. Drawing on the poststructuralist theoretical framework, this research investigates how educators and researchers can challenge dominant knowledge systems and create more inclusive and equitable learning environments. By examining the ways in which GitHub, a collaborative platform for software development, can be applied in educational settings, this study offers insights into the possibilities of decentering normative epistemologies and embracing diverse perspectives.

Through a mixed-methods approach, including qualitative interviews, observations, and document analysis, this research explores the experiences of educators using GitHub as a means to challenge ethnocentric epistemologies. The findings shed light on the potential benefits and challenges of employing GitHub as a pedagogical tool within diverse educational contexts. The study also highlights the significance of acknowledging and valuing diverse forms of knowledge production and the importance of fostering multiple epistemological perspectives.

The findings of this research contribute to the growing body of literature on poststructural positionality in education. By expanding the understanding of how digital platforms, such as GitHub, can be utilized to foster inclusive and transformative educational practices, this study offers practical implications for teachers, researchers, and educational policymakers. Additionally, the study extends current discussions on epistemological diversity in education and advances theoretical frameworks that challenge hegemonic knowledge systems.

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