Centered Hypermedia Learning in Rural Education: Leveraging Connectionist Models and ChatGPT

Potential Abstract: In this study, we investigate the potential of utilizing connectionist models, specifically ChatGPT, to enhance hypermedia learning experiences for students in rural educational settings. Traditional hypermedia systems have often been criticized for their lack of personalization and adaptability to individual learner needs, especially in the context of rural schools with limited resources and access to specialized educational tools. By integrating ChatGPT as an interactive agent within a hypermedia environment, we aim to create a more personalized and engaging learning experience that is sensitive to the unique challenges faced by rural learners. Through a series of controlled experiments and qualitative analyses, we examine the impact of this centered hypermedia approach on student engagement, knowledge acquisition, and attitudes towards learning in rural schools. Our findings shed light on the potential of leveraging cutting-edge AI technologies to address educational inequities and improve learning outcomes for students in underserved communities.

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