Leveraging Open Infrastructures and Generative AI for Postcolonial Schema Development in Education

Potential Abstract:
In this research article, we investigate the potential of leveraging open infrastructures and generative artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate the development and implementation of postcolonial schemas in educational settings. Drawing on the intersection of AI technologies and postcolonial theory, we aim to explore how these innovative tools and approaches can contribute to decolonizing educational practices and curricula. Through a critical analysis of existing educational infrastructures and the limitations they pose in promoting diverse perspectives and knowledge systems, we propose a framework that harnesses generative AI to co-create inclusive and culturally responsive educational schemas. By utilizing AI algorithms that are trained on diverse datasets representing multiple worldviews, we seek to challenge dominant narratives and support the emergence of alternative perspectives that reflect the multicultural and multiethnic realities of our societies. Our study not only addresses the urgent need to decolonize education but also highlights the importance of centering marginalized voices and experiences in the development of educational resources and practices. By integrating open infrastructures and generative AI technologies into the educational landscape, we envision a transformative shift towards more equitable and inclusive learning environments that honor the multiplicity of human experiences.

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