Unveiling Online Networks: A Heideggerian Approach to Commons-Based Peer Production in Education

Potential Abstract: This research article explores the application of a Heideggerian approach to understand and analyze online networks operating within the realm of commons-based peer production in education. Drawing from Heidegger’s philosophy of technology and being-in-the-world, the study delves into the essence of online networks in fostering collaborative knowledge creation and dissemination. Through a qualitative analysis of online platforms and communities, the research investigates the ways in which individuals engage, interact, and co-create educational resources in digital spaces. By adopting a Heideggerian lens, the study uncovers the underlying meanings, structures, and dynamics that shape the online learning environment and influence participants’ experiences and practices. The findings shed light on the unique affordances and constraints of online networks in facilitating commons-based peer production processes, serving as a foundation for reimagining educational practices and pedagogies in the digital era.

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