Perceptions of Impacts: A Pragmatist Approach to Deconstructionist Negotiation in Education

Potential Abstract: This study examines the perceptions of impacts within educational settings through a pragmatic lens, focusing on the process of deconstructionist negotiation. Drawing on pragmatist theories, which emphasize the practical consequences of beliefs and actions, as well as deconstructionist perspectives, which challenge dominant narratives and assumptions, this research aims to uncover the complex interactions shaping individuals’ understanding of the impacts of educational practices. By employing qualitative methods such as interviews and document analysis, this study explores how educators, administrators, and students perceive the effects of various educational interventions and policies. Through a process of negotiated meaning-making, participants engage in critical reflection and dialogue to deconstruct existing practices and negotiate new possibilities for educational improvement. Findings reveal the intricate interplay between individual beliefs, institutional structures, and broader societal discourses in shaping perceptions of impacts in education. This study contributes to the ongoing dialogue on the role of perception and negotiation in educational change, highlighting the importance of considering diverse perspectives and engaging in critical reflection to foster more equitable and effective educational practices.

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