Techno-Social Frames: An Empirical Analysis of Market Dynamics through Social Network Analysis in Education

Potential Abstract: This study examines the techno-social frames within educational markets through the lens of social network analysis. The intersection of technology, social interactions, and market dynamics in education is a complex and evolving landscape that warrants empirical investigation. By applying social network analysis to examine the relationships and interactions among key stakeholders in educational markets, this research aims to uncover the underlying structures and mechanisms that shape decision-making processes, resource allocation, and information flow within these markets. The study will draw on data from multiple sources, including online platforms, surveys, and interviews, to construct and analyze social networks of actors involved in educational market activities.

Through the application of social network analysis techniques, this research will identify central actors, key communication channels, and patterns of influence within educational markets. By mapping out these networks and analyzing the flow of information and resources, this study seeks to uncover the underlying dynamics that drive decision-making processes and shape market outcomes. The findings from this research will contribute to a deeper understanding of the techno-social frames that govern educational markets and provide insights into how these frames influence policy, practice, and innovation in education.

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