Unpacking Social Discourses in Education through NFTs: A Post-Imperial Metalogue

Potential Abstract:
This paper explores the intersection of social discourses in education through the lens of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), within a post-imperial context. Drawing on the concept of metalogue, the study examines how NFTs can serve as a tool for critically analyzing power dynamics, representation, and knowledge construction within educational settings. By engaging with the digital economy and cultural artifacts represented by NFTs, educators and researchers can better understand the complexities of social interactions, identity formation, and authority in education. The paper presents a theoretical framework that integrates critical discourse analysis, post-colonial theory, and digital literacy to deconstruct and reconstruct meaning-making processes in education. Through a series of case studies and empirical analysis, the study demonstrates the potential of NFTs to disrupt traditional educational paradigms and facilitate more inclusive and equitable learning environments. The findings highlight the importance of recognizing and challenging dominant discourses and narratives that shape educational practices, while also acknowledging the agency and voice of marginalized groups in redefining educational discourses. This research contributes to the ongoing dialogue on social justice, cultural diversity, and technological innovation in education, offering new insights and possibilities for transformative pedagogical approaches.

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